NGV Fleet Partners



Project Development

Project partners with NGV Fleet Partners can expect to have projects delivered on time and on budget. NGV has a tremendous amount of expertise in utilizing all available tax credits, incentives and funding sources to make a project viable. NGV transitioned Tulsa Public Schools from diesel to compressed natural gas. This fleet conversion reduced emissions and has saved TPS over $5,000,000 in fuel savings over the last 5 years. 



Renewable Natural Gas Projects

NGV Fleet Partners is actively involved in developing renewable natural gas projects for transportation fuel. NGV is unique from other developers by our ability to  offer a complete turnkey solution. We offer not only the ability to process your biogas source into pipeline ready gas but also provide the expertise to convert your fleet. Most of our projects will include 3 components. 1) Upgrade biogas to transportation quality 2) build and service your public/private fueling station 3) Assist in fleet conversion to CNG.  Sources of feedstock for biogas can include landfill gas, food waste and agricultural waste. 


Construction Mangement Services

NGV Construction is a highly educated, professional team of construction managment specialist. Our team has developed single family residential, multi-family, medical and compressed natural gas fueling stations. We have been doing design build CNG stations and design/site plan consulting in Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Iowa, Ohio, Kansas, New York, Arizona and Nebraska since 2008. We have installed stations in existing gas stations/truck stops, downtown high-rise locations and oil field offices. As a member of NGV Fleet Partners we provide the  expertise in construction and subcontracting with the education of the local regulatory agencies about the complexities of CNG station safety and codes.

Fleet Conversion Analysis and Management 

When analyzing the benefits of CNG/RNG we provide a proven team that has been involved with vehicle re power technology as well as acquiring new vehicles. Your fleet will be analyzed and recommendations will be made on the best way for you to take advantage of the benefits of using natural gas a vehicle fuel.